Thanks for ongoing support for woodland

We wish to thank the public, for their constant support for Speckled Wood/Upper Ore Valley.

With their help we have been able to deliver 696 responses to the inspector’s preliminary findings to ask him to make comment on all of Speckled Wood/Upper Valley and to save it in its entirety.

We have delivered in excess of 7,340 responses (including new responses) to this emerging Development Management Plan through our consultations to date. We hope that the reality of Speckled Wood/Upper Ore Valley being saved will soon become a possibility.

The Hastings Cabinet 2012 told us that the inspector would make a decision on all of the woodland. This will hopefully include the area set aside for a school wet classroom by the trust and charity at Clifton Road via its proposals to the council during the Pilot Scheme 2012, allowing the whole woodland to be used by local schools.

The old information centre would be most suitable for a classroom on the site due to its small footprint. A letter has already been written to the estates department in relation to the possibility of relocating the old information centre from the country park onto this site should it become available. We are led to believe that this will become redundant when the new information centre is built.

The trust and charity believe this would not require deep footings and eliminate the problem of the site’s underground tunnel complex. The charity has opened accounts with Charity Choice to bring crowdfunding to save the woodland via purchasing it for community benefit.

The crowdfunding is due to go online next month.

Martin Newbold


Friends of Speckled Wood Management Trust