Thanks for treatment throughout stay

May I through the pages of your excellent publication congratulate the Conquest Hospital for helping me throughout my one month and a bit stay caused by something that I had never heard of - infective Eendocarditis.

The latter is where an infection grows around a heart valve, and at its worse the valve jams shut, with end result, death.

I make no apology for my recent letter about the price of TVs, some of the people there not realising that the price starts at £9 per day, but can only congratulate the said establishment in its quality of care, cleanliness and knowledge in the treatment I received.

I would also like to recommend, to anybody unfortunate enough to have to go into the hospital, the wide variety of cuisine available to suit all tastes. In the past I couldn’t have said the same, particularly what I called ‘ectoplasm’ soup but thankfully that has now been exorcised from the menu.

So all in all I was looked after and treated very well but without disrespect I don’t want to have that sort of serious illness anytime soon.

So to the doctors, specialists and staff on Wellington and James Ward, a big thank you.

One very weird coincidence is a stone that I found on the beach at the end of last year. It is actually heart-shaped and for a portion of last year and this I’ve had so many heart-shaped things occur ranging from the way the sun has cast an image to heart shapes in logs in the fire, too many to recount here but was I being given a ‘sign’?

Kevin Carlyon

Dane Road

St Leonards