Thanks to GP surgery staff

I would like to thank the staff at Station Practice for doing the best job that they can in difficult circumstances.

I took my son in for a 4.55pm appointment yesterday and we didn’t get seen until 6.10pm. I know that both Station Practice and Plaza Surgery cannot recruit new GPs and so they are under a lot of pressure to meet patient demand.

As you know this is is a serious issue for our town and I have asked our MP to raise the question at Prime Minister’s Questions of how exactly the Government is going to make sure that there are enough GPs in deprived areas like Hastings to meet demand.

In the meantime I think that a thank-you is in order, not just for the staff at the GP surgeries in town but also for our hospital (especially A&E) and ambulance staff, our midwives, our teachers, our social services staff, our police and firemen/women, and other public servants who continue to do their jobs to the best of their ability during these difficult times.

I would urge people to be understanding with staff who are doing the best that they can and also to get out and vote in May - whoever you choose to vote for it is important that your vote is counted.

A Roark

Waldegrave Street