The case for Uckfield fire station car park

In the foreseeable future there will be considerable changes affecting Uckfield, not only within the town itself and along the bypass but also in surrounding villages.

For instance, Maresfield is expecting both an increase of 50 additional houses and the development of the business park on the site of the old army camp on the A272. Inevitably, the number of cars requiring parking facilities in Uckfield will greatly increase from these and other planned expansions, thus creating further congestion problems to an already overcrowded town.

In order to ease the situation, it is suggested that a large car park is built on the site of the allotments alongside the fire station.

This area has the following advantages. The land is already owned by the county council, is relatively near the town’s amenities and could also be used by the increasing number of commuters using the railway station.

The local environment is of utmost importance to us all and each decision should not be made in isolation but should be considered along with all the other aspects affecting the community within a five to 10 year time frame. The considerable population increase expected should influence the planning decision regarding the BML2 rail link to Brighton, the future development of both Uckfield Hospital and the community college and the requirements of the police and emergency services to name but a few. Foresight is essential.

Graham Allt