The duke is speaking sense

As an expat Lewesian I was dismayed, on my return for the November celebrations, to see the aesthetic devastation wrought by Glyndebourne’s turbine; all for little or no electricity and at vast cost to consumers.

As I rode my bicycle to Laughton, I noted that the blades were not turning, as usual.

So I was delighted to see the headline ‘Wind Farms are Useless, says Duke’ screaming at me from the front page of my online Sunday Telegraph (November 20). A large proportion (and probably a majority) of the UK population has now grasped this point. At last, a senior establishment figure has given it fair-and-square to our innumerate, deaf politicians.

The Duke of Edinburgh had probably noticed the unpleasant Glynde turbine on a visit to Firle.

Surely, it is now essential to stop all onshore turbine construction and implement a cull, starting in National Parks with the least-productive of the breed.

The Glyndebourne turbine should be the first to go.

Rupert Lloyd Thomas, Toronto,