The news bus has ben very busy in Lewes

It has been an interesting week in Lewes.

It is said that you wait for one bus and then three come along at the same time. Well three items of news did happen in Lewes recently and one of them was about buses.

Last week the twittersphere was buzzing with the news that not one but two tableaux of Alex Salmond were to be set alight on November 5. Shock, horror, a politician being sent up, literally, in flames.

Then the news, yawn, that our esteemed MP, Norman who, had decided to resign from the government to spend more time with his music! As Deborah Orr in the Guardian said ‘Norman Baker has resigned from the Home Office. Nobody cares’. Norman wasn’t happy with the Conservatives which is interesting given that he’s been supporting their policies for the past 41/2 years. As Deborah Orr noted ‘Baker’s complaints reek of self importance - and highly misplaced self importance at that’. Ouch.

However, the most interesting and relevant news to Lewes residents was the fantastic rally and march held on 8 November at which 200 people gathered in Lewes precinct and marched to county hall to symbolically present a bus to the council in protest at the proposed bus cuts and fare increases planned for implementation next April. The group Lewes Stop the Cuts did a fantastic job in organising a superb event and enabled people to demonstrate their opposition in a focussed way. A number of residents expressed their concerns about the cuts and how they would be affected. This was an empowering event and i was pleased to be there.

Lewes Stop the Cuts will be following up the rally with further actions which will be publicised over the course of the next few weeks.

Tony Rowell