There needs to be a re-think

The Government is forever telling us to build more homes, even on flood plains.

With the extreme weather that we get the housing stock is not prepared. There needs to be a re-think in the future to prevent disasters from happening. This is not the first time we’ve experienced parts of England getting flooded do we learn from this?

Where rivers are a risk you need to build off the ground with stilts and create under ground soakaways to protect the houses built on flood plains. As the weather changes from week to week we will never control nature. With constant demand for more housing by government we are creating our own problem as planners allow plans to be passed.

The environment agency cut costs by not dredging rivers any more and more houses are being built. Consultation with the public is only discussed after the Council has agreed to sell land for housing. With over fifty thousand more cars on the road in the next decade roads will gridlock completely. In Lewes, which still has the old Victorian roads, there has to be some strategy for future planning as Sussex will eventually become over populated.

D Myles

Brands Close

South Heighton