There’s a better place for a speed camera

There can be no justification for exceeding the speed limit – only

excuses – and I expect a large proportion of the 16,084 caught at Halland would say it was a temporary lapse of concentration, as in my case when I was returning home from having passed my Institute of Advanced Drivers Assessment, and was feeling particularly pleased with myself!

However, it would be interesting to know how many of the offenders were actually driving dangerously.

Most people drive safely within the conditions prevailing at the time and I suspect that all the top ten speed cameras are sited on straight stretches of road.

Speed limit signs are placed where traffic needs to slow down when travelling in one direction and the cameras are often placed to catch motorists travelling in the opposite direction where there is a clear view ahead - as at Halland. It would be far more sensible to place a camera on the other side of the road – or just before the Pound Green Bend on the A272 at Buxted – where excessive speed is actually dangerous.

Desmond Gunner