They jeopardise outcome

Notwithstanding the Prime Minister’s Mansion House speech, there are those diehard intransigent politicians, media commentators and members of the public who just won’t accept Brexit.

These, which sadly include some contributors to this newspaper, by not putting country before their personal objectives and often playing the man and not the ball, continue to jeopardise the best possible outcome. It would be wise for those who fall into this category to reflect on the damage their continuing intransigence will cause and whether they are prepared to accept this responsibility.

They should remember that had the EU remained a free trade association which is

what the UK voted for in the Common Market Referendum (5 th June 1975), the UK would not be leaving and there would be no Brexit.However, largely through stealth and dictatorship, the EU Commission has become a nasty arrogant dictatorship hell bent on a United States of Europe. If doubters need evidence, they need refer no further than to Mediterranean countries, and in particular Greece, which have been ruined by the EU objective of political and financial integration. Civil unrest is spreading with decent people taking to the streets not because they are ‘far right, racist thugs’ but because their culture and prospects have been stolen by the EU dictatorship. I wish them luck and thank god we are out of it.

Cllr Dr Alan Latham

Chyngton Way