Think carefully before bowing out of European Union

I am an elderly person of 84 who would like to express some thoughts about the European Union and the proposed In-Out referendum.

At my age, it probably doesn’t matter very much what happens in the years ahead, but my recollections may have a bearing on today’s views of the subject. I was a child of nine when the Second World War began in 1939 and well remember the despair of my dear old Dad that there should be yet another war.

He had been a soldier in Belgium in the First World War where he had been injured and two of his brothers killed.

After six terrible years the second war came to an end in 1945. I well recall the horror of air raids, bombing and search-lights looking for enemy aircraft; and the harsh noise of the pilotless flying doodle bugs which would suddenly cut out, crash down and explode.

Many were the times school classes were moved to air-raid shelters and nights at home spent below ground.

Following those awful times there was much talk of a European Common Market and European Union.

So it came about after a history of conflicts and two world wars the European Union was formed to unite the nations of Europe, create prosperity and above all to prevent further wars. There are no doubt political complexities, and member nations may well decide to make changes, but there is more to European unity than money and trade.

Don’t let us lose sight that there hasn’t been another major European war for nearly 70 years.

Please think deeply of all the implications of unity before voting to turn your back on it and walk away.

Janet Skeef, Ringmer