Throwing people of Newhaven a bone with free parking

It’s disappointing to see that as the General Election looms ever closer Norman Baker has decided it’s time to throw the people of Newhaven a bone in the form of a petition calling on Lewes District Council to introduce 2 hours of free parking in the town.

In some way I should feel flattered that Mr Baker read my letter as I did raise this very same idea as a boost for Newhaven Town Centre in a previous letter (Sussex Express 17/10/14). The LibDems are good at jumping on other people’s band wagons, and ideas often first mooted by the smaller Parties. It is this continual and relentless misrepresentation made by the 3 ‘old’ parties which has got this country into such a mess. Cameron, for example, only this week seems to want to take credit for reducing unemployment by 1.7m when we all know this figure roughly equates with the number of zero hour and part time contracts desperate workers are forced into.

I digress. Reading through the accompanying political bluster contained within the LibDem ‘free parking’ petition I’m taken aback that Mr Baker has still failed to heed the advice given by Rod Main about “the blame game culture” in Politics when he points the finger of blame at the Tories on the District Council. Let’s be clear, if there is blame to be shared out regarding Newhaven Town Centre then the Lib Dems are as much to blame as the Tories. Both the Town Council and District Council have sat back and twiddled their thumbs whilst the people of Newhaven have suffered. For 18 years Mr Baker, as the Lib Dem MP for Lewes, hasn’t given a damn as the economic prosperity of Newhaven has drained away. Why has he not taken the time to visit Newhaven, or stalked the corridors of County Hall asking for action to be taken? This petition is too little too late and obviously driven by Mr Baker’s need for votes. Clearly it’s time for a change.

We need to vote out the old lethargic parties of the LibLabCon era and introduce some fresh ideas and enthusiasm the Local level as well as at Westminster. UKIP is developing ideas and strategies to re-invigorate our local communities. As UKIP local councillors are not whipped and are free to vote as their constituents wish, at last I can see the will of local people being served and true democracy being restored.

In May I’m voting for Ray Finch, the UKIP Candidate for the Lewes Parliamentary Constituency, to bring real meaningful change to Newhaven and I’m hoping Mr Finch will be supported by a strong UKIP presence on the Town and District Councils too. Perhaps then Newhaven will at last get what it deserves.

Simon Barnes