Tide Mills walk - too much dog mess left lying around

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Decided to take the dog for a walk down at Tide Mills, Bishopstone on Saturday, March 9. It’s a great spot for both summer and winter walks and very interesting, but the day was spoilt by the amount of dog mess left by very irresponsible dog walkers. It was everywhere, large and small deposits, on the track and the grass area.

The last time we ventured down there we went to the right and walked alongside the railway line. That too was littered with dog waste. A couple were walking with their toddler who was enjoying himself running around, I was very concerned that, if he fell, the probability was he would fall into pooh, there is so much of it.

The volunteers do a great job litter picking and I am very grateful to them but their efforts are spoilt by the dog mess. There is a dog waste bin at the car park, so please can I urge people to use it.

If it’s not close at the time of the dirty deed, then take the bag with you or leave it by the side until you come back and then bin it. It’s your dog, it’s your responsibility. Please don’t give us responsible dog owners a bad name and spoil such a lovely area.

Gail McKellar

Telscombe Cliffs