Time East and West reunited

I am encouraged to see further movement towards reuniting the counties of East and West Sussex.

Lewes Castle on Saturday was flying a ‘traditional’ Sussex flag (Sussex Express June 3, page 12) the idea of the Sussex Association, and there was also a report in your pages about a merger plan for East and West Sussex fire brigades; we have Sussex Police why not Sussex Fire & Rescue Service!

It is claimed this will reduce management costs. Could the same not be applied to East and West Sussex County Councils?

Do we really need two Chief Executives, two Directors of Corporate Resources, two Directors of Children’s Services, two Directors of Economy, Transport and Environment, two Directors of Children’s Services, etc. when Kent manages with just one of each, yet has a population size roughly the same as that of East and West Sussex combined. Devon County Council is another example of a similar sized population governed by one organisation rather than two.

In these times of reduced central Government grants to councils could this be the way to make considerable savings? And who knows, maybe even a small cut in the council tax?

M C Young