Time to kick the meat habit

REGULARLY eating red meat significantly increases the risk of dying from heart disease and cancer, according to a recently published study of more than 120,000 people carried out over 28 years by the Harvard School of Public Health.

The study found that replacing red meat with plant-based protein led to significant benefits and contributed to a longer life.

With this in mind, there couldn’t be a better time to kick the meat habit, as March is National Veggie Month. Going veggie will boost your health, given that vegetarians tend to have lower rates of diet-related diseases, such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes and some cancers.

You will also significantly reduce your ecological footprint, because animal farming uses much more land, energy and water, and, of course, you can help to prevent animal suffering.

The best part is, it couldn’t be easier, especially with the help of Animal Aid’s FREE Guide to Going Veggie, which includes nutritional information, shopping tips and delicious, easy recipes to get you started. To order your copy, call 01732 364546 or visit www.veggiemonth.com where you can also enter a competition to win a hamper of organic vegetables and two meat-free cook books.

Kelly Slade,

Veggie Month Coordinator,