Time to refuse Israeli water meter

Show support for the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign by refusing installation of Southern Water’s Israeli-made meters? (Call for a boycott on Israeli-made meters, Sussex Express, 23 August).

Yes – this is an excellent reason to exercise one’s right to choose an ‘old style’ meter over one of the so-called ‘smart’ versions.

And if this cause isn’t sufficient motivation for customers to act, then the Stopsmartmeters campaign is highlighting all the health, financial, and privacy risks associated with the new meters, based on evidence from similar installation programmes in other countries.

As the gas and electricity companies will also be seeking to install smart meters in our homes in the coming months, ‘electrosmog’ pollution of homes, offices, shops and streets is of particular concern.

Despite what the customer services department at Southern Water may say, Stopsmartmeters confirm the legal position as being quite clear: there is no obligation to have a smart meter installed (an ‘old style’ meter is acceptable), and no justification or explanation is required - but what a great opportunity to express important and relevant political views.

Amanda Geary