Time to say enough is enough over Newhaven’s West Beach

So this really does prove NPP and the French port owners commitment to Newhaven and to the local people and visitors to the town.

The West Beach could have been a real tourist attraction and as such could have given Newhaven the regeneration boost it so badly needs,

Instead of that, NPP and the French port owners have fought to the bitter end to bar any access to the West Beach.

And now NPP and the French port owners will doubtless still expect local peoples cooperation in their plans for the harbour expansion with their ‘smoke and mirrors’ promises of local prosperity and new jobs. The harbour expansion plans will see the loss and destruction of the only other sandy beach which is in the corner of Tide Mills by the East Arm.

Is it not time to say Enough is Enough.

If we were telling Dieppe what they could and couldn’t do with their town and beaches they would be blockading the harbour and all sorts of protests.

So, before its too late, let NPP, the French port owners, the local and district councils and Lewes DC Planning Department know your thoughts.

It’s time to let NPP and the French port owners know that they cannot ride roughshod over Newhaven and the local people.

It’s time to say NO to this port expansion plan.

Geoff King