Time to stamp out windfarms

“No more Windfarms” – this change of policy is an important step in the right direction by Minister of State for Climate Change, Greg Barker, MP for Bexhill and Battle, reported in the Sunday papers two weeks ago.

He admitted some installations were in sensitive or unsuitable locations – too close to houses, or in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Let’s ask the MPs for our areas to press at Government level to start now on the “No more windfarms” policy. Stop the application for a windfarm at Shepham Lane near Polegate. It’s using up Wealden District Council time and money, and causing stress to local voters.

The question for Greg Barker, Norman Baker (Lewes), Charles Hendry (Wealden) and Stephen Lloyd (Eastbourne) is “With the hand of history on your shoulder, what legacy in this year of legacies do you want to leave for the coming generations? What will be remembered in your name? Will it be that you helped to save the magic piece of countryside caught between the beautiful South Downs, the handsome Weald and the internationally recognised wetland (SSSI), the fascinating Pevensey Levels? Or will it be on your watch that this beautiful part of East Sussex becomes an industrial wasteland, a spoiled environment, a desecrated countryside? No pleasant country walks, no peaceful cycle rides, no birds to watch, just somewhere to escape from!”

The national windfarm policy has been called the biggest scam in the 21st century. The claims and offers of the developers GTR should be treated with caution. Now they seem to be offering a bribe with money for the community, but only paying up when the Shepham Lane windfarm is complete and generating electricity. It’s an old trick to break up communities – get them to fight over the money. The offer seems to be worth about £11 per household per year over the next 25 years. That probably won’t cover the forecast rising cost of electricity. It’s worth checking GTR figures.

They make some astonishing mistakes. At first they claimed that Polegate was north of the A22 bypass! Like holiday property salesmen GTR are now offering coach trips with lunch so people can visit a windfarm with similar enormous turbines. There’s nothing like it yet in East Sussex. Please don’t buy it, just stop it now!

Joyce Richards, Hankham