Too much apathy ovewr street litter

As a relatively new resident of Newhaven I am surprised to see how much rubbish is on some of the streets. I know we residents should not have to pick up litter in an ideal world as that’s what we pay our Council Tax for, but then in an ideal world people would not drop litter in the first place. How long would it take to pick up the odd sweet wrapper, crisp packet or drinks can/bottle outside your house and put it in your dustbin? Think how much better the area would look with no litter at all.

I often pick up cans and bottles in my street when I am on my way home and then drop them into my recycling boxes. Other rubbish I sometimes drop over the garden walls of my neighbours in the hope that they will pick it up and put it in their dustbin. I hasten to add that any rubbish outside my house is picked up and placed in my dustbin on a daily basis. This includes rubbish that evidently has blown into my garden from my next door neighbour after the seagulls have attacked their rubbish bags.

I was surprised recently however to see an item of rubbish which I had dropped over the wall of one of my neighbours back on the pavement outside their house the next morning.

I believe there was insufficient wind overnight to have blown this item back into the road, so can only assume this neighbour had picked it up and thrown it back into the street. Obviously they care very little about their environment as it would have been just as easy for them to have placed it in their dustbin.

I suppose this neighbour is of the opinion, as it seems far too many are, that this was not their piece of rubbish so why should they deal with it. Unfortunately it is this kind of attitude which has resulted in some of the streets in Newhaven, and many other towns, becoming littered with rubbish which we all seem to blame the council for not clearing away quickly enough. What a shame the British public have become so selfish and uncaring of the environment around them.

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