Tories getting their sums wrong?

How can Cllr Rob Blackman think he is fit to be the leader of Lewes District Council?

In last week’s Sussex Express article on the Lib Dem proposal to pay four members of staff the living wage, Cllr Blackman showed his inability to do even basic maths.

In it he states “99.999 per cent of them already receive the living wage or above”

The truth is that approximately one percent of the current staff are paid below the living wage, not the .001% he says.

Clearly either he is incapable of working out simple percentages or he has a wildly inaccurate idea about the number of staff working at LDC!

Whichever is the case, should a man who is so innumerate or so uninterested in the council be running it?

After getting his sums wrong Cllr Rob Blackman continues and argues that the Lib Dem proposal to pay four people the living wage would affect “the entire pay policy and even our relationship with contractors”.

Again not true. It affects the pay for those people nothing more nothing less.

I fear for our district with Cllr Blackman and the Conservative group in charge.

We did however make a separate proposal to allocate £5,000 to investigate and determine the “ implications and opportunities for the council becoming an accredited Living Wage Authority”.

They voted against that one too. What that says about Cllr Blackman and the Conservative group I’ll leave you to make your own minds up!

Cllr Sarah Osborne

Leader of the Lib Dem Group

Lewes District Council