Tories, Lib Dems ignoring public opinion at their peril

I note that many people in Lewes joined the 300 strong rally against bus cuts in this weekend.

After working for the past few months with colleagues from all backgrounds to organise the rally, I was pleased to see such passion about saving our buses. It is a sign when Labour, Independents, Greens and Liberal Democrats come together to fight against bus cuts that will isolate people in rural areas across the county.

It should be noted that the Tories, who will vote on the cuts in a small committee in County Hall, don’t even have a majority on the council, but they are too scared to put this to a binding vote of all our councillors.

The Conservatives claim to care about rural areas but they seem determined to cut village services and drive up rural deprivation.

The Conservative Party candidate recently said that she is working for rural connectivity, but was nowhere to be seen at the rally.

Do the Tories really understand the plight of many people in our towns and villages in Sussex? Labour with its seven councillors has been fighting tooth and nail against these cuts and handed in 7,000 signatures against the plans, which the Tories have ignored.

Last week the Labour Party put forward a backbench bill in Westminster to make it to be easier for councils to regulate buses and lower prices but again the Tories and Liberal Democrats (including our own Norman Baker) either voted against these plans or abstained – so much for spending more time representing the constituency.

It is becoming clear that there is only one party which can bring the rural and town together, through infrastructure and service provision, only one party which is truly one nation and only one party which can raise its voice and take action in the streets, in the council chamber and in parliament to improve transport for the people of Sussex. That party, Labour.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Parliamentary Candidate Lewes Constituency Labour Party