Tory scaremongering won’t work in Lewes

Lewes Conservative Party leaflet
Lewes Conservative Party leaflet

Lewes Conservatives appear to be yet again spreading misinformation and fear among the local electorate.

Pictured here is the latest personalised leaflet that implies Lewes constituency is a marginal seat and that Norman Baker won the seat by 140 votes! A cursory glance on Google showed that Norman won by 7,647 votes in 2010. Now, I was not one of the 24k odd residents who voted for him, however I deplore attempts by the Conservatives to use balderdash and rubbish to get their message across, especially when the message itself is of a highly dubious nature; the letter goes on to warn of the evils of Milliband and the great competency of Mr Cameron.

Frankly this kind of scaremongering is what turns people off from voting and those of us who deplore this type of behaviour need to stand up and make sure the truth is told.

Neither main parties have the creativity, nor the focus, nor the principles to be voted for, they have failed our communities, our planet and the most vulnerable in our society. I will be voting for Alfie Stirling, the Green Party candidate.

Zoe Nicholson