Tory tax shock for Newhaven

Tories running the District Council want Newhaven People to pay extra to run some of the recreation grounds, like Fort Road, in Newhaven. They want to dump their costs on to the Newhaven Town Council share of the Council Tax. This would nearly double the Town Council Share of the council tax.

The Tories in turn are not committing to cut their District Council share of the council tax for Newhaven people. They are not planning to share the money they make in Newhaven from things like the car parks.

The Tories want to make Newhaven people pay for things that cost the District Council money like running Fort Road Recreation Ground and keep for themselves all the money from things like car parks and factory leases.

Newhaven Liberal Democrat Councillor Steve Saunders says, “We would love to run our recreation grounds for Newhaven people but the money that Newhaven earns for the Tory District Council must be shared too. This looks like a win/win for the District Council and another kick in the teeth for the hard-pressed residents of the Town”. Councillor Julie Carr added, “The Tories appear to be giving us the worst of both worlds, we get to pay the costs of running our recreation grounds but no say in how they are managed. We call on the Tories to share some of the money they make in Newhaven and let the Town Council run our recreation grounds and listen to what local people want to see happen in them.”

Steve Saunders