Town Council elections - ‘Welcome back’ Mr O’Riordan

I refer to your report in last Friday’s issues of the Express on the re-election of Joe O’Riordan to Polegate Town Council after his recent resignation.

He made some sweeping statements in the press prior to the election and now repeats them. We in the PRA (Polegate Residents’ Association) consider them to be a slur.

Joe says PRA councillors are on the council to boost our egos and that we back proposals which could be detrimental to Polegate.

He states there is in-fighting between council members, we are not working for the good of the town, we do not work as a team, we do not concentrate on local issues and finally, and rather surprisingly, we follow national party lines although he does not state which parties.

I was elected at the same time as Joe, two and a half years ago, and do not recognise any of these points and consider them to be a somewhat childish attack on people who were supposedly his colleagues. It is rather non-U to air these opinions in public without discussing them directly with those he accuses.

We all know Joe’s propensity for resigning from organisations if his views do not prevail. We consider it essential to rebuff these churlish and spurious allegations as soon as possible lest people think there is any truth in them.

So welcome back Joe to an organisation you left only a few weeks ago due to being “fed up” with it.

And as for the £6,000 it has cost the council tax payers of Polegate...

Cllr Michael Clewett,

Polegate Residents’