Town’s high speed driving

ON the Western outskirts of Lewes, some drivers believe that the speed limit does not apply to them.

As they pass the Prison Cross Roads traffic lights, they accelerate to 60, 70 or even 80mph within the 30mph restricted zone.

East Sussex County Council say they cannot even put any extra signs up because there have so far been no injury accidents.

Traffic arriving in Lewes from the direction of Brighton careers into the town at 70mph plus.

There was an official speed survey carried out over one week in July which recorded nearly 1,000 vehicles travelling at more than 50mph in the 30mph restricted zone.

Fortunately, the police have begun to take notice, and there are day time speed traps operating now. But much of the speeding takes place after dark or in the early morning.

The speeders are local people or regular delivery drivers, as no-one unfamiliar with this road would drive this recklessly.

One white milk tanker truck, probably a 30-ton vehicle, drives back and forth several times a day, always accelerating to 50mph in the 30 zone.

Another particular delivery vehicle is a regular offender. Taxis speed here regularly. Police are interested to know the registration numbers of speeding traffic, but it is quite difficult to spot these on vehicles travelling at 60 to 70mph.

Let us hope no-one is killed, but with these speeds a serious accident is inevitable.

Tony Beaumont,