Traffic impact of Hailsham’s planned school will be huge

Well it is so good to read (March 13 edition) that Helen Deehan and Rosallynn Holbrook are “extremely happy” about the proposed new school off Ingrams Way.

Presumably neither of them live in either the Ingrams Way or Sandbanks Way areas and will, therefore not be affected by the increased traffic at school opening and closing times.

Just ask the residents of Dunbar Drive, Cameron Close and Grovelands Road about the impact of the school related traffic on their lives.

The impact of Ersham Road and South Road will be enormous as the volume of traffic on those roads at the moment is already very high at peak times.

However, the logic of ESCC planners siting a school in south Hailsham beggars belief!

Where is the majority of new housing being built – in the north of Hailsham and Hellingly so it is only sensible that a new school should be built in that area.

Think again planners!

Jill Hulbert