Train link - MP jumping on the Tory bandwagon

Norman Baker once again makes an ass of himself in your December 12 edition.

Firstly he claims success in getting more trains to stop at Cooksbridge when, in fact, Maria Caulfield the prospective Conservative candidate for Lewes was responsible for this. You show a photograph of “Cooksbridge Station and the Meeting Attendees” Mr Baker refers to on your page 9.

In fact it’s a photograph of a train in the station with not a single soul in sight. Where were you Mr Baker?

Secondly, Mr Baker is voicing concern for the villages on the A27 between Polegate and Lewes now that Maria Caulfield (or the “unknown Conservative” as Mr Baker refers to her in his campaign literature) and other Conservatives have successfully campaigned for the £75 million coming our way to improve parts of the road.

He snidely refers to Conservatives from outside the area “treating the villages like some sort of colonial procession (sic) whose views can be safely ignored”. Does he seriously think decisions on this road should be made only by local people when, in fact, the A27 is the main artery along the south coast and affects many businesses and homes from Brighton through to Kent?

The improvements to the A27 will, I’m sure, be made after careful consultation with all those villages affected and will be made by people qualified to do so – not politicians.

They have done their job getting the funding in place. Mr Baker’s record on improvements to the A27 is abysmal – as pointed out by your correspondent Richard Turner (December 12) when he says all Mr Baker has done is put up two signs at tax payers expense saying its quicker by train from Lewes to Polegate!

As I’ve said before, maybe Mr Baker can see the writing on the wall for his safe seat in Lewes which is being contested by Maria Caulfield.

She is campaigning and working really hard for the whole area and has already achieved great success on many local issues.

Obviously, Mr Baker is beginning to panic now and has found it easy to jump on someone else’s successful bandwagon. May I respectfully suggest Mr Baker sticks to what “he considers important and what he does best” – singing with his band – and leaves the serious issues to the serious people.

Wendy Alexander