Transport hub - why bring more pollution to Lewes?

I write with regard to your front page story (September 6) regarding the idea of a multi- storey car park for 1,000 cars at Lewes railway station.

This idea seems ill conceived and thought out. Why on earth do people feel it is a good idea to bring 1,000 cars into the centre of Lewes with all the traffic chaos and pollution that would entail?

The narrow roads in the centre of town can barely cope with existing traffic without encouraging further cars into the centre.

Even if the aim is to move cars from on-street parking to one central location, why accommodate them in the centre of town in the first place? Surely provision for parking on the edge of town with a park and ride system in place would be preferable or indeed schemes to encourage residents and visitors to use sustainable methods to get into Lewes rather than rely on the car.

A bus interchange at the railway station should be commended but we should not encourage more cars and pollution into the town. The money required for this pipe dream of a multi-storey car park would surely be better spent funding sustainable methods of transport within Lewes such as cycling facilities, improved bus infrastructure and living streets?

Matthew Kitchener