Travel 25 miles? No thanks!

I bank with the NatWest. My NatWest bank in Hailsham will be closing in May.

They tell us, many are banking online, and they are now not so busy to keep it open. I went into the bank,to find 14 people in front of me, and eight behind when I left.

There was a notice there saying I could now go to the Eastbourne branch, that would be a 25 mile round trip, then one has to park there, no thanks!

There was a notice saying,we will help you with online banking; no thanks, I like to speak to someone. We are told the County Council are going to stop the Our County magazine. I recall a non Conservative member saying we could save money by discontinuing this magazine,to be told by the leader,the County Council are obliged to let people know what is happening. It would appear it’s not what you say, it’s who says it. We are seeing the NHS, care, roads and services cracking up, while the government cut the funding to the County Council, making it impossible for them to manage their responsibilities. Then the Government pay out £24 Billion a year on housing benefit, much of this going to private landlords who don’t keep up the repairs, £34 billion on first time property purchasers,when everything is a market driven economy, when we could build council houses or affordable houses with that capital. Then another £34 million a day goes to the European Union, when that money would be better spent at home.

Regarding Wealden District Council, they build on a car park, so loosing parking spaces, then will need even more spaces when the houses are in place.

They give planning permission to build on tennis courts, while we see more obesity.

There should be more exercise places; It may be true, some sports places are not being used, but they do go in phases, it will come round again.

I wrote to Wealden to ask if they were replacing some work units, and were they including care places in their planning policies?

They replied by saying they had no plans to do so in both work units or care places.

North Wealden has been put on hold regarding house building, because of the air pollution, Eastbourne has the highest air pollution in the country, so why are Wealden allowing developers to build these awful new developments without the roads to go with them?

We are seeing gridlock everywhere.

I believe they must be trying to poison the population in South Wealden. Oh no, I forgot, its the new house bonus and extra rates they are going for.

Laurence Keeley

Fairfield, Herstmonceux