Travellers site adds danger

WE live a short way up the hill overlooking the proposed travellers site on the A259 and are very strongly opposed to this site on safety grounds.

This is such a dangerous part of this road. We have on numerous occasions heard bangs and/or screeching tyres and have had to ring the emergency services as there have either been crashes on this stretch of road or cars have come around the corner from Seaford too quickly and have ended up in a ditch. If a travellers site is situated there it would inevitably exacerbate the situation as it would have young children and people living there and access to and from the site would be very dangerous.

We want our names recorded that we are totally against the site on the bend of the A259 at Denton on safety grounds as we believe this would be an accident waiting to happen and we do not want it on our consciences that we have not tried our hardest to stop this development.

As we understand it, 14 sites were looked at and 12 considered not suitable. We would very much like to know where these 12 sites were as we cannot believe any of them could be any more dangerous than this site, once again another development in Newhaven. So much for all the talk of regeneration, quite where this fits in we have no idea.

This letter has been sent to Newhaven Town Council, Lewes District Council and East Sussex Highway Division as we are led to believe that the district council is currently consulting with local residents concerning the above. To date they do not have a good record of taking any notice of our views but we suppose we can live in hope.

M and G Foard,