Tree planting plans - council should reconsider

Notwithstanding backing from the town’s MP Norman Baker (Express, March 22) Seaford Town Council’s indefinite deferral of the roadside verges tree planting programme planned for March beggars belief.

Even though this project would benefit most if not all the town’s residents and visitors ‘reasons’ given range from the long term costs of maintenance to potential liability in the event of a tree-related accident sometime in the future.

On the other hand Seaford Town Council, of which I am a member (UKIP Seaford East), is happy to accept the long term financial risk pertaining to the loan of £1.8m to rebuild the Seaford Head golf course club house, which benefits less than 2% of the people of Seaford, without a business plan approved by an independent expert.

I would urge the council to reconsider both of these projects in context of what the people of the town want – maybe hold a referendum?

Alan Latham