‘Trick of the light?’

BELOW is a copy of an email sent to the Environment Agency back in January querying the “smoke” from the incinerator.

The telephone conversation with their officer suggested it was a trick of the light.

I took two pictures at about the same time from my lounge window – see above. The cement plant in Newhaven ejects the correct colour of steam, ie white.

“Further to my recent telephone call to you. I accept your assurances about the processes in place to monitor emissions but I find it difficult to reconcile that particulates are well under 10 parts per million when I see “very dark steam” coming from the incinerator chimneys.

“I attach two pictures taken from my window this morning at the same time and the same magnification so there are no tricks with the light:

“Picture 1 shows the incinerator and its dark steam?

“Picture 2 for reference shows the cement plant emitting pure white steam. This plant is in the same direction as the incinerator but a few hundred yards south.

“How do you account for the dark colour seen from any direction compared to the cement plant’s pure white vapour?”

Ken Thompson, Newhaven

PS: I did not get a reply to my emails. But I did get an invitation to complete an application to tour the incinerator.

It’s all a lot of hot air.