TV interview reveals truth about Newhaven incinerator

So the facts are out in the open, the amount of waste being brought into Newhaven for incineration is far greater than the amount which can be burnt.

Forget about all the hype that it required the waste from surrounding towns and villages to be brought into Newhaven to make it financially viable to operate the incinerator. Forget all the hype that it required a greater number of lorry movements to cope with the required increase in waste. Forget the fact that the more lorry movements required would increase the number of days we would be burdened with the greater road traffic in the town and the on going air pollution. The plain fact of the matter has now been proved. It does not require all that extra waste or all those extra lorry movement. The incinerator simply cannot cope with the imported waste material.

The excess has to be stored on site, not just a small amount, but tons and tons of it, hidden out of sight.

All of this, as one of the firemen interviewed on television said, ‘is household waste which is burning’.

Then to add insult to injury he said: “We are controlling the water used to extinguish the flames because we don’t want it getting into the river Ouse and polluting it but as far as we know there are no toxic materials in the waste.”

No! Let’s just forget about the poor bl**** infantry who make up the residents and workers in the town who have got to live for many days with the vile smell of the polluting smoke and pollution of our lungs.

After all, the household waste only contains goodness know what – plastic bottles and polystyrene containers which the recycling will not accept and a myriad of other items which give off toxic fumes.

I even heard the foghorn going because of the amount and density of smoke from the fire drifting down river and out to sea. Do you recall the ex councillor who in his retirement speech congratulated himself on the construction of the incinerator as being “the best thing he ever did while a councillor”. I bet he is sleeping quietly in his bed.

Richard Beckett