Twice kept Tories in

I was interested to read Clive Hobden’s letter defending Ruth O’Keeffe’s voting record (Lib Dems Blaming Everyone Else). She can vote as she wants of course but she has twice this year had the opportunity to replace the Tory administration at Lewes District Council with a Lib Dem one, and has twice acted to keep the Tories in control. Yet it’s the Tories who have levied an extra tax on Lewes residents through their ‘special expenses’ which she says she opposes. As the Lib Dems had vowed to re-open the matter, doesn’t this make her behaviour rather peculiar?

It seems Mr Hobden feels Norman Baker shouldn’t be working for local issues (ie cycling). Does he feel these are not important? I think we should feel lucky we have a Minister as our local MP who cares enough about these and is prepared to work for the people in the town where he lives.

Angela Wigglesworth