Twinning - everyone benefits

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IN recent issues of Sussex Express Messrs G R Ashbrook, Newhaven, and Ashley Price weigh the pros and cons of ‘twinning’.

During the 1960s and ‘70s Lewes Town Council had several exchanges with the councils of Blois (France), Waldshut (Germany) and Lewes, Delaware, USA.

To the best of my knowledge there was at that time no suggestion that the ‘people’ living in any of those towns suffered as a result of twinning. Indeed, as Cllr Price indicates, all three towns and their people benefitted significantly.

The Lewes ‘party’ included people who were not members of the council and to the best of my knowledge the other towns’ parties were not exclusive to members of their councils.

Indeed, the family from Delaware whose home we stayed in were certainly ‘members of the public’.

From visits to the other towns the Lewes party benefitted from the friendships and greater understanding of the activities and problems which beset the ‘aliens’, particularly, when one had stayed in their homes and/or given them hospitality.

Our experience as members of council and as individuals was positive.

James Franks, Lewes