Twinning groups could be self-sufficient

I refer to the letter from Richard Stevens requesting the council to think again regarding its proposal to cut twinning grants.

Hastings has twinning arrangements with four towns in European countries which I assume the council helps fund through grants, but how much does each twinning association raise itself to support its twinning activities? If they wish to be viable associations they should all be self-supporting.

I am Chairman of Battle Twinning Association; twinned with St Valery-sur-Somme; this is the town on the Baie de Somme that William sailed from to invade us in 1066. We are totally a self-supporting association with 40 plus members who all pay an annual subscription, and with an active committee who arrange and run social activities to raise funds to keep us solvent.

This funds bi-annual visits with a full programme of events. We are proud to be independent.

Is it not possible for the Hastings twins to be self-sufficient, raise the necessary funds without grants and be independent of the council and save the council taxpayers money which could be set against other projects that need support?

Michael Betts

Plover Court