Two chief execs too much

I READ with interest the letter from Andrew Clark from Lewes, regarding possible savings Lewes District Council could make, however I know of even greater savings which could be made at a higher level.

East and West Sussex both have a Chief Executive and many other ‘board level’ management which is duplicated, by merging the two Councils into one (Sussex County Council) the savings could run into £Millions.

Some may argue that this is not possible, but Councils such as Kent, Devon and Hampshire all have both a similar sized geographical area and population to that of the combined East and West Sussex, yet they do not have two Chief Executives, or two cabinets.

As the Government is advising Councils to share services with their neighbours, isn’t it about time East and West Sussex ‘shared’ and became as one under the flag of Sussex, pictured?

We could also possibly save money by reverting back to having just the one Lord Lieutenant of Sussex, rather than the current one each for East and West which was introduced in 1974.

M C Young, Newhaven