Tying us tighter into Europe

Antony Hook, repeats the fallacy that many British jobs would be endangered if we left the EU.

Since the EU exports far more to us than we do to them, (over £50 billion last year), they will be very keen on a Free Trade Agreement being concluded as soon as possible.

We are Germany’s largest market in the world. They are not going to impose punitive import duties on our goods, even if the WTO would allow it.

The EU is not responsible for a large number of the laws and regulations that affect us each year. There are more than 40 supra national bodies that decide on regulations worldwide. We do not have a seat on those bodies. The EU does, and negotiates on behalf of all 28 countries. Britain’s voice tends to get lost among the greater good of all those countries. An independent Britain retakes its seat on those bodies and fights solely for Britain’s rights.

Nissan and Honda forecast no more investment in Britain if we did not join the Euro, the CBI forecast disaster if we did not join both the ERM and the Euro. They don’t seem too keen on being reminded of those forecasts now. UK jobs are not funded by EU resources, they are funded by our money that the EU deigns to return to us, but with strict instructions as to how we may use it.

As to the possibility of job creation, until we regain control of our borders, a large proportion of the jobs created will go to immigrants from other EU countries.

Our system of law is different from Europe’s, which is why firms are keen to have contracts written under British law. They seem to think it is fairer. The Coalition are about to hand back to Brussels 35 competencies that they had opted out of, including the European Arrest Warrant.

All this will tie us tighter into the European Code Napoleon, where Habeas Corpus becomes redundant. The media will continue to sell its wares, regardless. If programmes, magazines or advertisements are good enough, people will buy.

The environment will be a great deal better off without the dead hand of EU control on it and subsidies on very inefficient electricity generation will go.

The British public had a vote at the EU elections, Mr Hook, and they decided they did not like what you were saying. Perhaps that is why you are so virulently against a referendum.

Peter Griffiths.

UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Wealden, Framfield,