UKIP chimes with majority of people

Cllr Latham is not merely right to point out that UKIP is more than a one man band, although any band with Nigel Farage as its bandmaster would be superlative. On all main issues, immigration, benefits, EU, local referenda etc, UKIP chimes with the majority of people.

This is demonstrated by the above-average turnout in the recent local elections for wards won by UKIP councillors and the massive backing for UKIP candidates. UKIP is the only party increasing its membership (over 30,000 nationally) and we are all flattered that the other parties are now copying (stealing?) our policies. UKIP has forced the immigration issue to become an allowable and open debate, is showing how the facts of our EU membership are misrepresented and, by campaigning for grammar schools and apprenticeships, encouraged Mr Gore to produce some half decent reforms to the education system. We will start to show that the single market is not what it is claimed to be and how it very often operates to Britain’s disadvantage.

Cllr Frank Carstairs

Chairman UKIP Lewes Branch