UKIP far from democratic

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The letter posted by Cllr Latham (Express, Friday 18 July) trying to put a positive spin on my comments over his colleague Cllr Howson, appears incredibly ironic.

He vainly tries to suggest that UKIP are somehow more democratic and that they represent the people who voted for them. He fails to point out that the two councillors that sit representing UKIP on Lewes District Council, only do so because they undemocratically defected from the Tories. It was under this banner that they were elected by their residents and they failed to give those same people a voice in this.

While I appreciate this is not a situation confined to these two individuals, with Robbie Robertson being the first to defect in the last administration from the Lib Dems to the Tories and James Page dramatically making the opposite move earlier this year, it is not possible to claim democratic credentials with such a bigoted evolution.

Regarding the comment that they are not constrained by a ‘Party Whip’, I would argue that the voting history that the UKIP councillors have recorded at both district and county, shows that they are very much having their strings pulled by their former Tory puppet masters. The reason they are not constrained by party policies, is that they have no policies of their own.

Half of their number on district prefer to berate and curse their residents on social media and the other half is given a position in the Tory ranks to act as getaway driver in their ram raid of special expenses, rape of the bus services and slaughter of council finances.

They have not brought anything of worth to the table since their defection at District, or their and their colleagues’ election at County Council.

Cllr Latham looks forward to May next year. I’m sure he, his colleagues (elected or defectors) and prospective candidates will be echoing his enthusiasm. After all, they stand to continue to be rewarded handsomely for a lack of action, a lack of policies and a lack of common sense. Hopefully residents across the area will vote for hard working councillors that get on and do.

Cllr Steve Saunders

Newhaven Valley