UKIP leaving a lot of gaps to fill

I read with interest the views of Dr Latham of UKIP in the Sussex Express recently, particularly his comment at the end, a Parthian shot to my mind: “we urge the people of this country to vote for the trustworthy, honourable and democratic alternative”.

I tried to find out online yesterday (July 17) who this “alternative” would be for Lewes, on a site purporting to list all candidates so far adopted for the May 2015 election.

While the “Big Three” seem to have most seats already nominated – indeed I received a brochure from the Tory candidate for Lewes on Wednesday – UKIP had then only names nominated for 92 seats out of over 650 odd, a ratio of well under 15 percent.

Disregarding the seats in Scotland where UKIP has seemingly already given up campaigning, that still leaves a huge number of gaps to fill.

There has been open press speculation that UKIP has been holding back in order to potentially make a “deal” with those Eurosceptic Tories who do not regard UKIP as a party of “fruitcakes” and “loonies”.

However the latest Government reshuffle still leaves David Cameron as the ace in the Tory pack, so any idea of doing a deal with his enemies in the Conservative Party must now be a forlorn hope for “Honest Nigel”.

I for one have voiced my respect for Councillor Latham’s work on Seaford Town Council since his election – unlike some of his County Council UKIP colleagues, he still seems to have a grip on reality.

Perhaps Councillor Latham might care to challenge Norman Baker for the seat in Parliament, or is he content to remain in the small pond of Seaford Town Council?

Bob Brown