UKIP’s sweeping prejudices

I note from last week’s letters page that one of our new UKIP

councillors, Peter Charlton, is disassociating himself from the self-declared UKIP professor, David Younge, who a fortnight earlier had declared that an EU superstate was concocted by the Germans in 1944, a time when they obviously had nothing else to worry about.

No, according to Cllr Charlton, “the superstate was first thought of in 1918”, when again the Germans doubtless had little else on their minds, except for the small matter of their catastrophic defeat in World War 1.

No wonder the only UKIP person seemingly allowed to say anything on our TV screens is Nigel Farage.

Perhaps, as his party’s one-man band, he could clear up this matter for us once and for all, and given that the more senior the UKIP figure, the further back goes the invention of the superstate, perhaps Mr Farage would date this for us back to Bismarck, or Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Lastly, I note Cllr Charlton prefers “the elected British parliament” to the “unelected politicians” of Europe. He may not have noticed that the European parliament, for all its faults, is indeed elected, whereas half the British Parliament, namely the House of Lords, is not.

There is plenty in the EU that is far from perfect and that needs reform, but the sweeping prejudices of UKIP with their shaky grasp of facts do not provide a serious or credible platform for that reform.

Norman Baker MP

Lib Dem – Lewes