UKIP - the straight talking party

Why UKIP? Over the past 20 years, I have visited 16 of the EU countries, some as many as 20 to 30 times.

I have been on a job share with the EU offices in Brussels. I have seen what, in my opinion, is a large amount of waste, fraud and bribery.

New roads were being built in Estonia with EU money before Estonia became a member. I have seen the new Aircraft Museum in Malta plus a new road building scheme currently underway between Valletta and Bugibba all funded by the EU. Worthy as these schemes are, it would seem to be placing other countries as donors and not beneficiaries.

The Job Share with the EU in Brussels was quite amazing in that if you went to a lecture on the benefits of the EU you would get your Eurostar train fare to and from London refunded in CASH - no receipts needed - just the hour to listen to a man telling you why Iceland and Turkey should come into the EU. He was such a poor speaker that I think we got about a half hour talk in that hour.

I am from West London originally (Ealing), next door to Southall so know a little about immigration first hand. Here in Malta they are also worried about immigration

UKIP want CONTROLLED immigration, welcoming people with skills to offer, that will enhance Britain and its communities. An Australian-style, points based, fairer immigration system. The EU’s ‘free movement of labour’ means lower wages, pressure on heath, housing and benefits, and fewer school places and jobs for our children.

I joined UKIP before the last election so have been a UKIP member for five or more years and in my opinion feel that not much has changed with the current Tory Government during that time. I would like to see UKIP refocus the whole establishment. In fact, judging by the vitriolic references to UKIP made by the other Parties, we seem to be achieving that even before the election and it’s amazing how many ideas originating from UKIP have been adopted by the other parties – particularly the Tories. I am happy to help by standing for election as a councillor. I was impressed by the fact that I was told at local level that there is no party whip and I can vote with my conscience. When I agreed to stand, I was given a searching questionnaire wanting to know my complete history asking such things as whether I have a criminal record. My Facebook account details were also required to prevent my bringing UKIP into disrepute if I’m elected. From discussion with others this would seem to be more than any of the other Parties seem to want and yet it’s always UKIP which is slandered or libelled, usually unjustly in my opinion. In fact the other Parties seem desperate for candidates.

I look forward to an interesting election and hope the electorate now recognise that UKIP is the straight talking Party, tells the truth and does not slander and libel others to achieve its objectives at any cost.

Eric Woodward