Unfair abuse for Conservatives

Having just read in last week’s Sussex Express the article about Max Woodruff who was threatened over his “ToryTax” board, I can’t help wondering how long the board would have lasted if he had been a Conservative threatening to fine or ban Lib Dem and Labour voters.

I’m pretty certain it would either have been defaced, destroyed or thrown in the river as there does seem to be a general feeling that “Tories” are fair game for abuse.

On the Saturday after the election my husband and I were taking down a Conservative board that a lady had allowed us to put in her front garden.

A car pulled up and a man got out and starting shouting and swearing at us.

He was beside himself with rage and almost incoherent. After ranting on for a while he went to get back in his car then got out and had another go.

Eventually he got into the car and was driven off by a rather embarrassed looking woman.

My question is, why should we have been subjected to that kind of attack by a complete stranger who disagreed with our politics. We are not rich, nor do we live in a big house.

I am a retired teacher and have never taken money from anyone.

I can think of plenty of Lib Dem and Labour supporters in the public eye who have been privately educated, live in very large houses and are extremely well off.

Somehow it seems that’s ok.

There seems to be some sort of belief, especially in the media, that all Tories are rich toffs who ride roughshod over the working classes.

It’s a bit like saying all Lib Dems are academic vegetarians who wear socks and sandals, hand knitted jumpers and the men all have beards while Labour supporters are northerners, working-class, wear flat caps or their hair in curlers, keep whippets and pigeons and scrub their front doorstep, hardly a true picture.

Norman Baker blamed the downfall of the Lib Dems on their “courageous decision in 2010 to enter coalition with the Conservatives.

All I can say is, welcome to the real world.

The Lib Dems have never actually been in Governmant before so they have been able to sit on the fence and complain.

As they have found to their cost it’s a different story when you have to make decisions that affect peoples lives.

Furthermore Nick Clegg was more than happy to be seen as Deputy Prime Minister and was prepared to go along with whoever had the most votes at this election and do it all over again!

There has been talk in the press about the “Shy Tories”.

These are the ordinary people of this country who just want to work hard, support their families and avoid the red tape and state interference that has been holding them back, but have been too frightened to speak up for fear of ridicule.

They have finally found a voice and said very clearly, “enough is enough”.

It will be very interesting to see if I get the predictable angry leftie response to this letter, if so, I rest my case.

Jean Sheppard.