Unfazed by UKIP’sversion of thruth

How do you feel Cllr Charlton?

On the very day that you suggest that I ‘hide behind the Haven News’, I have my views over our town’s library kindly printed on both the front page and page 3 of the Sussex Express.

Do you not read this great paper on a weekly basis? Did you not see my letter they also kindly published before Christmas, relating to the waste of public money that his district council UKIP colleague supported at Cabinet over a new grounds maintenance contract?

Do you not think that the letter that was posted on Haven News and that he objected to so highly, WAS sent to this paper?

I can not be responsible for what the editor chooses to publish week by week, but can only be grateful when he/she considers any of my correspondence worthy to print (and I am very grateful).

My comments over the fire at North Quay were also published here and in the Argus, but despite him being the county council representative for that area, I have seen not one comment in the press, on any of the digital or social media sites.

I however, shared updates through Facebook and other digital media sites and have stated my wishes for a full inquiry over the incident.

He implies that the LibDems were not robust in their attack on the proposed bus cuts, which is simply not true. He also states that the LibDems are in some way complicit in the mess that the Labour Party left the country’s finances in.

Again, this is simply not true. In coalition with the Conservatives we have been able to bring forward our, yes our promises of tax cuts and ensure a sensible and measured approach to the cuts we are all having to make.

If the money is not there, you simply can’t spend it. I’m sure he will come back with something along the line of ‘We shouldn’t be giving it to Europe’, but the simple truth is, that we get far more out, than we put in. Yes, it needs sorting out, but you can’t do that if you’re not in it and there’s far more to lose if we’re not part of it.

Unlike him and every UKIP spokesperson I’ve listened to, I never hide behind anyone or anything and do not manipulate the truth for my own ends. I see that independent Councillor Latham of Seaford Town Council, agrees with my observations over the Tories’ prospective parliamentary candidate’s attempt to claim credit for more of Norman Baker’s work over the new Horder Centre.

This was just one of a number of claims and manifesto pledges, lifted from Norman’s leaflets. Cllr Charlton’s claims that a few of our many successes in tempering and improving Tory policies in government, were actually UKIP policies all along, is laughable.

So is the idea that UKIP have any properly thought out, credible or viable ideas for local or national government.

So Cllr Charlton, in answer to your question of am I afraid of the truth? – absolutely not! Because unlike you, your UKIP colleagues and the Tory councillors that try and curry favour with you all through gifting you paid positions at district and county council, I know what the truth really is. I also know that the truth will not be found in the bottom of the latest empty glass of beer, swilled by your leader Mr Farage.

Cllr Steve Saunders

(LibDem) Newhaven Town and District Councillor