United we could avoid another war

You have rightly hosted frequent letters on whether or not we ought to be in the EU. These have mainly concerned details: aspects of economics, law, politics and the like. May I step back a bit and express a wider viewpoint ?

I grew up in the shadow of the First World War. It was a war among European nations, though others joined in. In it some 30 million people died and rather more were injured. I experienced the Second World War during adolescence. It was another war among European nations, which spread all round the Northern hemisphere. In it somewhere between 60 and 80 million died.

Do not the deaths of all those millions override today’s resurgent nationalism? To me their imperative is blindingly obvious: stick with a United Europe. Reform it by politics, negotiation, bargaining, protests, demonstrations – as you will; it certainly needs reform. But if only for the sake of our children and grandchildren we simply cannot allow a third war among European nations. Go for unity and that possibility will become as unlikely as war among states of the USA .

John Postgate