Vacant seafront parking spots in Seaford are not for vans

I was interested to read the letter from John Ramsey (August 1) - What’s the point of the HGV car park?

This HGV park was designated in 2002 to accommodate commercial vehicles that park along by the promonade. Often the HGVs obscure the views of seafront properties and occupy valuable car park space.

There are now fewer HGVs but numerous commercial vehicles parked on the seafront and also cluttering up Seaford’s residential roads.

These vehicles should, where possible, be parked in a designated area, ie the HGV car park.

Additionally, the few motor homes that park on vacant spots around Seaford throughout the year could also use the HGV car park.

What do other residents feel about the commercial vehicles that park by the kerbside on our residential roads?

Pauline Gower