Victory for Landport Bottom path campaigners

Landport bottom

Victory for path campaigners

The news is often slanted to the terrible things that happen, and I want to report on something more optimistic and heartening. Due to your own stirring front-page article on Jan 10th, and the efforts of many concerned about the fate of the woodland path at Landport Bottom, the decision to destroy the remaining arbour of overhanging trees has been stayed. When I told my Library ‘Read Aloud’ group – who had added their names to the 160 signatories of the protest – the result, their faces broke into almost disbelieving smiles. You mean the council LISTENED? ‘ell, yes, I said smiling too, it seems that they actually did! I think it is important to broadcast this, because it has broader implications. We all want to live in a compassionate community, and to be optimistic that Lewes can be such a place. Amongst all the things we regret, and rightly fight against, there is also a need for celebration when the voices of a local neighbourhood genuinely are listened to. And make an impact. It gives us all hope.

Christine Cohen Park