Views are not those of council

The councillor who recently defected to UKIP leaving his Conservative voters with no representation on the Town Council seems to have decided to use your columns to express his new-found views rather than the council chamber. Possibly just as well as he rarely attends council meetings.

He has of course totally misinterpreted the meeting held on June 17th about how best to meet new legislation for Equalities to allow all our townsfolk to have full and unimpeded access to council meetings. This meeting was not to make decisions but to draw up a list of alternatives for future consideration.

How out of touch he is may be evidenced by the planning decision to double the existing commercial/industrial estate along Dittons Road, a development thoroughly endorsed by the town planning committee that will help to provide just the things he mentions in his concluding sentence, jobs, infrastructure and (employment) opportunities for Polegate residents.

Incidentally he mentions in his penultimate paragraph the alienation of two residents, one of whom coincidentally has a letter on the same page. Yes indeed these two did attend council meetings and the correspondent may wish to wonder why certain councillors continue to be re-elected. Perhaps the townsfolk have faith in them. Probably they prefer a Council with no party political agenda which would be strictly adhered to. We at least have full rein to vote as we wish. As both the gentlemen have been told on many occasions, if you have all these adverse views why not stand for election so that they can be aired in the proper place and not through newspaper columns.

Cllr Michael Clewett