Village Hall waste clearance doubles in price

Wealden DC have negotiated a new domestic waste contract with Keir.

Imagine my shock, as treasurer of Herstmonceux Village Hall, to receive Keir’s suggested invoice for the collection of our trade waste for 2013/14 in the sum of £938.50.

In 2012/13 Wealden DC performed the same service for £416 so Keir have more than doubled the price.

No doubt they are recouping any “losses” they may have encountered in the domestic contract by charging the business sector double the price.

But hang on, who pays the business sector (who will undoubtedly try to pass on the additional costs to their customers)?

Gosh! is it the ratepayers of Wealden DC?

Neat trick Wealden DC encouraging business to grow and prosper in Wealden ... I think not! Trumpeting their wonderful new contract that saves the ratepayers money ... Oh! Yes! but in reality oh! no!

Who profits? Well Keir might if they retain any contracts.

Ian Stewart

Treasurer, Herstmonceux Village Hall