Village news pages not the place for grievances

Oh dear. My somewhat tongue in cheek letter, regarding your Rodmell and Southease Parish Pump correspondent using the column to express her personal political views, seems to have touched a nerve or two.

Having considered my letter to be a rant, she then responds with one of her own.

I must confess that I was a little startled by her story of suffering such penury, squalor, indigence and deprivation, coupled with a tale of exploitation and subjugation that would not be out of place in a Charles Dickens’ novel.

I have no wish to enter into a Monty Pythonesque exchange along the lines of how extreme are the depths one could plunge and I would remind her that into all our lives a little rain must fall, although to judge by her tale of woe, it was more in the nature of a thunderstorm.

I am afraid however, that I remain with my original point. That the Parish Pump is surely for the comings and goings of village/town life and not the place to air ones grievances and blame them on the current innocuous poor.

Alan G Baker